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Re: Doubts and question about the merging of LinEx in Debian Edu

I'd like to say that "edutainment" and "miscellaneous" are two very big words to negotiate when you want ktouch and you're only in grade 2. The menu needs fixing more than we need to worry about which wm to use.

I have never taught my kids any feature of either KDE or GNOME, other than what button to press to launch programs, what button to press to find your files, and how to log out. Teaching them more would be a waste of time anyway - they all have win or mac at home (except my son and daughter of course :). And if something in a wm is not obvious and intuitive, then its likely to change or disappear from the next version anyway.

Even though we are using KDE, still apps like the gimp use the Gnome save/open dialogue where you can't type a path or go up a level and you have to click "browse for other folders", where you still can't type a path, and suddenly everything is double-click. So in other words, kids are learning the gnome way while using KDE. In which case just let them use any wm they want. Like I said earlier, this is a strength over windows - with linux you have a choice. Sure, I might want my class to all use OOo and not Abiword if I'm showing them how to do something, but they could launch it from tinywm for all I care.

I like the way this thread has split into the important part, answered by Petter, and the unimportant part where we all jump in and argue about trivial things :)


Herman Robak wrote:
On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 14:33:13 +0100, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) <cobaco@skolelinux.no> wrote:

the only reason that getting an english class in the chem-lab was
exotic/scary and thus distracting is cause you weren't used to it.

 Your faith in people's ability to adapt to the circumstances seems
infinite.  As if any distraction quickly fades to zero.  That's a
bold claim, and bold claims should be supported by evidence.

That would stop being a problem by the second or maybe third class
in that room.

 To me this sounds like wishful thinking.

--Herman Robak

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