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Re: Integration of other Linux-machines into Skolelinux network

Am Freitag 28 Dezember 2007 schrieb R. Scott Belford:
Hallo , aloha all

First I wish a Happy new Year to all readers.

Thank you Klaus Ade and Scott for the support
> Klaus Ade Johnstad wrote:

> > I have attached the files I believe is needed. They are from a
> > plain debian etch machine that uses tjener for authentication
I took the configuratin values and put them to the Ubuntu machine
> > (home0 is hardmounted in /etc/fstab).
did so
> >
> > Take a careful look at each file before you use them
There were some more stuff to handle, like nfs, network ...
> Aloha All
> Edubuntu 7.1 has an /etc/ldap.conf file *and* an
> /etc/ldap/ldap.conf file that need tweaking. 
Yes, it was hard, Debian Edu holds the values in pam_ldap.conf and 

> http://www.1-cs.com/gutsy_ubuntu_ldap_howto.txt
a fine common tutorial for using LDAP.
The results for me was, now I have an Ubuntu 7.10 and a Suse10.3 
Workstation, which connect to a Debian Edu Tjener.
For me it's a hack, I use Skolelinux only in my spare time.
Thank you all for developing the nice Skolelinux.

Harald Poppek

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