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[Bug 1278] documentation issue: udev assigns new names to new devices, while it used to be different


holger@layer-acht.org changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEW                         |ASSIGNED
           Priority|P3                          |P4
            Summary|udev blocks hotplugging of  |documentation issue: udev
                   |network cards               |assigns new names to new
                   |                            |devices, while it used to be
                   |                            |different

------- Additional Comments From holger@layer-acht.org  2007-11-13 00:12 -------
I dont know if to set this bug to WORKSFORME or WONTFIX or to accept it ;-)

If we choose to accept this bug, it should be fixed by documenting this 
sensible default behaviour of udev ;-)

But then, this belongs in a general linux manual. Not sure how much should and 
must be in the debian edu release manual. :-/

/usr/share/doc/udev is a good pointer.

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