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[Bug 1267] Installing Workstation keeps failing


------- Additional Comments From daniel@rio-grande.ping.de  2007-10-28 01:25 -------


Oct 26 11:34:54 in-target:  Setting up debian-edu-artwork ( ...
Oct 26 11:34:55 in-target: /var/lib/dpkg/info/debian-edu-artwork.postinst: 11: 
Oct 26 11:34:55 in-target: /usr/share/debian-edu-artwork/update-artwork: not found
Oct 26 11:34:55 in-target: 
Oct 26 11:34:55 in-target: dpkg: Error while processing debian-edu-artwork (--
Oct 26 11:34:55 in-target:  Subprocess post-installation script has returned
(Error code) 127


New information:

Hello Ralf..


Autopartitioning: No, beside that taken over suggestion from vpm?,  
simple installation,
one partition without vpm.
Popularity Contest : No

language was German,
Profile Workstation,
Server: ftp://debian.org respectively ftp2://debian.org

By the way, on an other system the setup did not run through without errors too,
but there it only shows an warning on the login screen of kde.

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