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Re: r38572 - in trunk/src/debian-edu-config: debian sbin

Fredag 26 oktober 2007 00:47, skrev Daniel Hess:
> > This fix will increase the memory consumption considerably, as
> > everything in /etc/ will have to be duplicated on the ram disk.  In
> > my laptop that is 26 MiB.  It will also duplicate some files in
> > /etc/ that are already made writable by ltsp, and thus conflict
> > with the LTSP setup.

That is a good important observation: memory consumption. We don't want 
our clients (be it thick pr thin) to appear slow.

> Have not checked the size, but diskless workstations do have more
> memory than thin clients normally.

There is a lot of diskless workstations out there having no more than 
600Mhz cpu with 192mb ram, they work OK, but they are no F1 cars. 
Adding another 26 MiB would not be good news for them.

Could we selectivly disable this feature? If my clients are low on ram, 
and have no cdromdrive.

Klaus Ade
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