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Re: MythTV

El mié, 24-10-2007 a las 18:18 -0600, Mark Trimble escribió:
> Would anyone happen to know if it is possible to install MythTV
> (http://www.mythtv.org/) on a Skolelinux main server and use
> workstations and/or thin clients as MythTV clients? This would serve
> as a fantastic media distribution system for classrooms, labs, and
> individual students and teachers. 

It should be possible. I have it installed on LinEx that's sarge based,
so using etch should be easier. 
If you want to test it, the packages for sarge are available adding
deb http://azores.linex.org/mythtv/ ./

It's quite probable that sarge packages could be installed in etch as
well. I've used them at home everyday for the last six months, so they
are tested ;-)

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