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Klaus Ade Johnstad skrev:
Søndag 21 oktober 2007 01:10, skrev Åke Hoff:
Quite new to skolelinux.

Just installed a mainserver but my "tjener" vill not resolv dnsnames.
How do I check that te bindservice is runing ok?

As long as you didn't change the address on eth0, your dns should be working just fine.
I hav not changed anything.
But to realy test it, just run

tjener# /usr/lib/debian-edu-config/testsuite/bind9-dns
info: /usr/lib/debian-edu-config/testsuite/bind9-dns : unable to lookup 'www.uio.no' on server 'localhost' ('out; ') info: /usr/lib/debian-edu-config/testsuite/bind9-dns : unable to lookup '' on server 'localhost' (' ' != www.uio.no' ')

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