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[Bug 543] lwat should make sure the automount map list all user partitions


------- Additional Comments From holger@layer-acht.org  2007-10-12 18:39 -------
<h01ger> finnarne, can you explain what you mean with "but lwat has made it 
easier" in your closing msg to #543?
<finnarne> h01ger: before lwat, one had to use some other tool like ldapadd or 
something like that when adding automount maps. and you had to make sure 
yourself that you added all the pieces. 
<finnarne> h01ger: I think it's easier to use lwat to add some more information 
to the automount maps than to use "ldapseach -xLLL cn=home0 | 
sed -e 's/home0/home1/g' | ldapadd"
<finnarne> hmm, maybe not :) 
<h01ger> finnarne, so lwat adds that now?
<finnarne> not automaticly, but you can browse and add automount maps from 
lwat, yes
<finnarne> it's located under the menuitem "Browse" :) 
<h01ger> finnarne, adding is under browse?
<finnarne> h01ger: yes, it was the best way I found to add it. 

I believe the bug is indeed fixed with lwat, what's maybe missing is some more 
info about this in 

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