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[Bug 1261] education-desktop-kde


------- Additional Comments From johnm@rsio.no  2007-10-08 20:35 -------
After a complete reinstallation, the problem is gone, even with the education-
desktop-kde upgrade in place.

Some of my problems might have been caused by an error on the DVD-medium. The 
installation produced error this time. The first time I installed, there was an 
unspecified error given. The message was something like: "There was an error 
during installation, you might want to inform the developers about this". No 
error code and nothing else.

OpenOffice do however crash after upgradinglinux-image-2.6-686 and with linux-
image-2.6.18-5-686 installed.

I also found other unstable windows. The file copy dialog became unstable both 
before reinstall and after kernel upgrade.

Might the problem be caused by the kernel getting unstable when a different i2o 
driver is loaded?

Everything seemes stable after downgrading the kernel image.


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