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[Bug 484] Unable to install on Adaptec 2100S raidcard when in Fujitsu Siemens TX150.


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-10-05 13:21 -------
The problem seem to originate from the fact that two different kernel modules,
dpt_i2o and i2o_block/i2o_core support these cards, and that these modules
produce different device nodes /dev/sda (dpt_i2o) and /dev/i2o/hda (i2o_block).
During boot, it seem to be arbitary which of the modules are loaded by udev.
If one is loaded during installation, and another is loaded during boot, the
device path in /etc/fstab is wrong and the boot fail.

A fix is to blacklist one of the drivers in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (or
equivalent, could be another file), to make sure the same driver is used
during installation and later boot.

A related problem for Debian Edu is that the automatic partitioning do not
work with the /dev/i2o/hda device path.  This tells me that it might be
best to use the dpt_i2o driver.  But if I get it right, it is the old one,
and i2o_block is the new and shiny one.

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