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Re: Debian Edu user survey?

Am Dienstag 25 September 2007 11:50 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> It might be a good idea to get a better idea of how the users are
> using Debian edu, and how the schools interact with vendors, by
> asking them in a survey.

Dear Petter, dear list

interesting and important approach. Once, we design a query, we could 
use it 
- to query uses within install process
- to structurize contributions to our 'test' skoler database.

At the same time we are using
- popcon to track the usage of packages
- testskoler database to localize Skolelinux schools.

Maybe we can extend/bundle these informations - while still regarding 
our users' privacy, of course. 

A server based idea could be a central service like ntp where collect 
statistics about time zones where Skolelinux is used.

A client based idea that also regards latitude (and even more details 
about the users' location) is to provide a home grown (Skolelinux 
specific) client for personalisation of KDE desktops where users just 
need to click on a map in order to select their time zone. Even now, 
uses select a town in their country representing their time zone (KDE 
clock: settings: timezone -> e.g. Europe/Germany:Berlin).

But those ideas are mainly addressing automatically data collection.

Now, regarding questions on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/UserSurvey,
I think it is a good starting point, to be developed on. While finishing 
questions (some might depend on the role of the person being asked), we 
could in the same time start thinking about how to spread the query and 
where to collect its repsponses.

Kind regards

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