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Re: icons

På Fri, 24 Aug 2007 17:18:09 +0200, skrev Klaus Ade Johnstad <klaus@skolelinux.no>:

Fredag 24 august 2007 12:49, skrev nigel barker:
Hi everyone

Where are those desktop icons coming from? (kstars, OOowriter, etc) I
have tried deleting them, but they keep coming back. That's really
annoying when I'm trying to achieve a minimalistic desktop with only
a couple of icons. It reminds me of windows, where every program
thinks its so important it needs a desktop icon and one in the system

Also big kids don't want gcompris, and little kids don't want



I think they are dragged in with some kiosk-profile. Try if moving away
/usr/share/debian-edu/students/  helps, to test that theory.

Is the kiosk-profile also limiting usermodification of desktop background? As far as I can see, users can change theme and the number of desktops, but they can not change the desktop background. Many students find this annoying!

Bjarne Nielsen

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