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Press Package outlined in the Wiki - please help beef it up!

Good morning everyone, 

I have put together an outline of the Press Package[1] for our 3.0
release of Debian-Edu/Skolelinux.

The Press Package contains some information at the top about the
contents, references to the international English press release
and some quotes.

Currently there are only two main parts:
1: The Press Release
2: Quotes

If we have time I would very much like to ask you all to help me add
some more content during today and until release:
 - Pictures of the media contacts if we have that available
 - Our Logo in formats that are usable for publishing online/print.
 - More quotes, please add your own in the English edition so we
   can translate to other languages et. al.
 - Relevant success-stories focusing on new technology we provide
   and local people who can be contacted (by local media.)
 - Media contacts in more regions and countries.


(o_   / With regards,
 |   /  Anders Kringstad Hanssen - <akai at skolelinux dot no>
//\-X   Leader, Free software in schools, Norway - <www.skolelinux.no>
V_/_    Leader, Trondheim Linux User Group (TLUG) - <www.tlug.no>

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