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Re: Artwork needed for the installer (g-i logo)

Am Mittwoch 18 Juli 2007 20:44 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> I have no idea, but the current file got 8-bit colors.  This is the
> output from file on the current file:

OK: First result is here:

Gimp source with s/png/xcf

It's a bit tricky to "append/type" the -edu part, as I couldn't any font 
that looks like the original debian letters! 

Hence, I used copy & paste for e+d, and rotated the "n" to get a "u"!

The Skolelinux cloud has a inconvenient ratio for this banner, I have 
yet another idea. Didn't we use to have a banner here:

Ralf, and yes: all under GPL ;)

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