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[Bug 1230] Thin-Client-Server profile does not install on amd64 cdrom


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-07-18 11:39 -------
I tried a different approach, changing MIRROR to the http/ftp mirror used by the
host if installing from CD on amd64.  The fix was just uploaded, please test and
see if it work.  I am a bit unsure about the detectoin logic for detecting when
i386 binaries are missing.  This is the patch:

Index: share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/Debian-custom/000-arch-detection
--- share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/Debian-custom/000-arch-detection       
(revision 36106)
+++ share/ltsp/plugins/ltsp-build-client/Debian-custom/000-arch-detection       
(working copy)
@@ -3,7 +3,19 @@
     ARCH=${ARCH:-"$(dpkg --print-architecture)"}
     # force building an i386 environment on amd64 servers
     if [ "$ARCH" = "amd64" ]; then
-      ARCH=i386
+       ARCH=i386
+       # Force network APT source for the netinst CD, as the i386
+       # binaries are missing on the CD.
+       if [ file:///cdrom = "$MIRROR" ] ; then
+           if grep -qi "^deb cdrom:.*i386" /etc/apt/sources.list; then
+               echo "info: Found i386 binaries on amd64 CD/DVD.  Keeping LTSP mirror 
as '$MIRROR'"
+           else
+               NEWMIRROR=$(awk '/^deb (http|ftp):\/\/.* main/ { if (!first) { 
print $2; first=1 } }' < /etc
+               echo "info: Changing LTSP mirror from '$MIRROR' to '$NEWMIRROR'"
+               MIRROR=$NEWMIRROR
+           fi
+       fi

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