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Re: kursdok

> Yay!
> Now we have the funny situation that the kursdok is free to ship in main,
> but one of the three authors also claimed that its too outdated to ship.
> So, ship it or not? Please tell me what to do :)

Mark the document as outdated and ship a recommendation, or disclaimer,
asking people to update and translate it. If we don't ship and don't ask,
we are not  doing our job properly.

We got a similar situation with the ITIL documentation in some parts of
it, where it was checked in as OpenDocument, not easy to change. But it
was in svn, and a teachers with spare time took the effort to publish it
on the skolelinux wiki. Then it's easy for more people to join in, and
help out with the documentation.

More people has joined Skolelinux lately. They will certainly ask for
tasks to do. By providing everything, also earlier documentation, it's
more easy to assign tasks too. By not shipping, we will hinder people

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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