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Re: gnash is not the only free flash software around...

El mar, 17-07-2007 a las 10:52 +0200, Holger Levsen escribió:
> Hi,
> read http://www.advogato.org/person/company/diary.html?start=68 :-)
> Where is the list of flash applications for educational use? otte@gnome.org 
> would be glad to get it :)

I'm very interested on this. At Extremadura we have a bunch of educative
applications made in flash. Some of them only are interesting for
spanish spoken (or spanish learning) people, but some others are more
general (like math or physics apps). In fact, in Spain, most public
administrations are spending money in making educative units, and
software companies only use flash for this. So, there are a lot of them

Anyway, I always have doubts with this topic, even if they can run in
linux with some free player, and we have the sources (*.fla files) and
they are gpl'ed, I don't think we can compile them in order to create
the swf files. So, we have to go to a propietary application to get the
"binaries". Is there any solution to exit from the "flash trap"?

About the list, if there is no a wiki page we can create a new one, and
we can begin to add educative applications.

José L.

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