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Bug#433369: package not bin-nmu safe

Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> writes:
> fullquoting to make life easy for Marc..


> On Monday 16 July 2007 19:37, Pere wrote:
>>> as you can see from the buildd-log below, the debian-edu package is
>>> not binNMU safe.
>>> (That another binNMU was attempted is another bug in (the)
>>> wanna-build (setup), but not really relevant :)
>> I am not sure your description is accurate.  The problem is the choice
>> of distribution name in debian/changelog.  The build do not accept any
>> name.  Are binary NMUs supposed to use the same dist name, or make up
>> their own?

No, they use the distribution for which the binary-NMU was scheduled

>> In this case the 'etch-skolelinux' name was used, and there is no
>> sources.list file for that dist.  If the unstable or terra name had
>> been used, the build would have worked.
> Hm. That indeed sounds like debian-edu is not buggy, but the buildd setup...
> Marc? 

Steffen already talked to me about this. At some point in the past it
was decided to use etch-skolelinux as name and it would be a bit of work
to change it to terra at this point. If you're OK with not using
bin-NMUs for this cycle, I would prefer to leave it as it is. For your
next release, we can use a proper name, which would allow for binNMUs.

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