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first try of joining the skolelinux domain with windows vista

Hallo list,

today I tried to join the samba domain SKOLELINUX with fresh installed Windows 
Vista and a debian-edu-rc4 combined tjener (main and ltsp).
This try failed.
I've done the following szenario:

1)	Installed a fresh rc4 combi server with main and ltsp profile
2)	installed a fresh Windows Vista for use in company here
3)	connected them together with crossover cable
4)	booted the tjener and waited until it is up and running
5)	booted the Vista client
6)	local login on both (tjener as root, vista as local Administrator)
7)	turned on a tcpdump on tjener
8)	tried to join the samba domain SKOLELINUX with the Vista-PC
	with user root and his password given during installation
9)	made screeshots from the Dialogs on Vista
10)	fails to join the domain
11)	created an user in lwat with being in admins group
12)  tried again to join the samba domain with that new user
13)	fails again
14)	created a maschine account with checked box samba maschine
15)	tried to connect to tjener over network neighbourhood but fails
16)	fiddeld a bit around to see what is Vista doing, but all witout success
17)	gave up

So I uploaded the screeshots and the tcpdump in the hope it might be usefull 
for someone who want's to help.

Any hints are welcome, but the Vista client is only available until tomorrow.
Nevertheless, if there are more logs or ldap outputs needed for investigation, 
I can get them only until tomorrow, because I will be in vacancy for the next 
three weeks :)
So if you want to catch me in realtime, do it on IRC tomorrow or this evening, 
or simply reply to this mail today.

The URL for the tcpdump file is:

The screenshots can be found at:
Greetings to all, Jürgen Leibner

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