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[Bug 1165] cdrom inserted on the server shows up on users desktop on thinclients


------- Additional Comments From daniel@rio-grande.ping.de  2007-07-11 00:57 -------
About the cron part:
At the moment that is the correct behavior, cron creates local pam-sessions and
by that triggers libpam-foreground. Some tests show that cronjobs have PAM_TTY
set to "cron", so if we really care we may check for that as we check for PAM_RHOST.

About the cdrom part:
Not all filesystems do understand the umask mount option. I thought only cds
with Rock Ridge extension will ignore it, as they provide permission and
user/group informations. Reading mount(8) again turned out, that all cdroms will
ignore that. So will all other filesystems which don't mention umask as an
option. :(

To prevent all users from reading the cdrom one would need to mount it beneath a
directory with appropriate permissions for that. This again is real fun, as KDE
seems to be user friendly enough not provide an option to set this.

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