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multiboot and changing tjener

Hi all,
I'm new to this list, and I'm just starting to try skolelinux.

I have two questions before starting to install.

   1. I have to use a multiboot configuration (M$ Windows, Debian Lenny,
      and skolelinux server+workstation). The question is how can I
      partition the disk in order to install skolelinux? The automatic
      disk partitioning uses the whole disk and if I create a swap+root
      partitions the manual partitioning of skolelinux seems to accept
      this but then the installation brokens saying that some partition
      is missing. Mybe I have to create in advance other partitions?
   2. I need to change the hostname of the main server (defaults to
      tjener) and the default network. How can I do this?



Mirto Silvio Busico 		ICT Consultant
Tel. +39 333 4562651

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