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Education metapackages reorganization

Hi all
I've been in the last week speaking with some of you about updating the
education metapackages. From our Linex experience we have been dealing
with similar packages (we call them linexedu-whatever
(http://linexedu.educarex.es ). We have a lot of feedback and
suggestions from the teachers that use them at schools, so we have
thought it could be one of the best ways to begin our collaboration with
Debianedu, apporting some of that experience for the project. Some days
ago, at Edinburgh in Debconf7, we had the chance of interchange some
opinions about this topic, and from that experience I've prepared this
There are three goals we would like to get with these packages:
- For the current development release using etch: just update them to be
sure that they contain the best educative packages that are already in
Debian. That should be easy to be done and shouldn't delay the release
as won't change the internal packages. For the selection I've removed
from the recommends section all the applications that don't have a GUI,
as usually teachers and students don't like/use that kind of apps,
unless they are hackers. These changes add a bunch of packages that
increase the size of the final dvd. Using a DVD to distribute DebianEdu
should not be a problem, but if a CD is going to be used, there are too
many changes and they should be reduced to remove obsolete software and
change it by newest applications, but not adding new ones.
- For the lenny release:
- Split some of the metapackages and add some new ones.
- Add diversions to the desktop menu files. That's we have been doing
for the last four years in Linex and make things easier to teachers and
students. The idea is really simple, but we think is effective: all the
educative packages have there icons under the "Education" branch in the
menu. Using an example: installing qucs (a powerful electronic circuits
simulator) you get a menu entry under the Electronics or Other branch
menu. Installing education-electronics will move the menu entry to
Education/Electronics. Using dpkg-divert the next upgrades of the
package won't change this situation and removing education-electronics
will revert the menu entry to its original branch. In that way, teachers
will find easily the applications that apply to their topics.

Please, take a look to the attached document. All the feedback,
specially from teachers, is really welcome.

As I wanted to send this information a.s.a.p. I have only studied the
most "educative" metapackages, so I haven't touched yet the workstation,
kde-desktop, etc. metapackages. That's why they have a grey background
in the document.

José L.

P.S. the list for the current situation is taken from the debian/control
file, not from the tasks.

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