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[Bug 1198] xdebian-edu-firstboot reports erros when there is no error.


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-06-21 17:55 -------
I had a look at the code, and I am unable to understand why this happen.  This
is the code in debian-edu-install:

    nice debian-edu-test-install > $logfile 2>&1

    # find error messages in the d-i log and the self test
    if [ -f /var/log/installer/syslog  ] ; then
        # remove syslog prefix
        grep error: /var/log/installer/syslog | sed 's/.*error: /error: /g' > 
    grep error: $logfile >> $errfile || true

    log_end_msg 0

    if [ -s $errfile ] ; then
        $0 report-errors $errfile || true

The -s test is only triggering if the errfile is non-zero.  Any idea why it
is larger than 0 bytes?

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