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Microsoft changed their school agreement

Linpro AS in Norway filed a complaint in March 2006, claiming that Microsoft's 
discount agreement with 12 Norwegian counties was a misuse of its market 
dominance. Microsoft changed their School Agreement in June 2006 after 
pressure from Norwegian competition authority. 

Privously schools had to pay Microsoft on machines installed with Linux, Mac 
OS X or other desktop systems. Microsoft also bundeled other software 
products to the agreement. Both this contract terms has been changed. Now 
schools don't need to pay Microsoft for using Linux, Mac OS X. Bundling of 
Microsofts products is also stopped. 

Both Linpro AS and the competitive authoriteis consulted Skolelinux for facts 
in this case. Skolelinux, also know as Debian Edu is the most successfull 
GNU/Linux distribution in Norwegian schools.

News in Norwegian: 

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Knut Yrvin
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