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[Bug 1149] we want source DVD with the source of "our" packages


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-06-14 00:24 -------
I wrote a script to check the source DVD for completeness, and discovered
a few problems.  The source DVD contain binary packages from 2503 source
packages.  I compared it to etch-dvd and etch-test-multi-dvd.   That seem
to be quite good.  For etch-dvd, quite a lot of packages are missing:

  Source DVD missing source for 1035 packages
  Got 7 redundant source packages.

For etch-test-multi-dvd, it is not that bad:

  Source DVD missing source for 73 packages
  Got 312 redundant source packages.

Most (all) of the 73 missing packages are udebs.  I suspect this is because
something is wrong with udeb handling for the source DVD.  The redundant
packages seem to be packages that are excluded from the binary DVD.

The script I wrote is in CD-administrator/is-sourcedvd-complete

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