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Recommendations for "Lernsoftware" in the german wiki

I just stumbled over the page "Lernsoftware" in the German Skolelinux Wiki.
Or better, I stumbled over the Netbeans page, and saw that it's
categorized as "Lernsoftware" for informatics.

In my opinion, NetBeans and other IDE's that are not especially built in
order to help people learning the language, is not something that should
be recommended to teachers to help them teach pupils.

IDE's as Netbeans are tools made for the experienced programmer, and as
these they hide some of the complexities from their users in order to
make programming more efficient.
But, when learning a language, students must learn about exactly these
complexities, and only if the know them well, they can use such an IDE
in a good way.

Netbeans is juszt one example, there are some more things in this list
that are a bit "misplaced" - they should appear in a special section of
that page, if at all.
But I wanted to discuss this here before editing the pages at my will...


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