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new debian-edu documentation (no-newnewdriftbook)


during the debian-edu gathering Trondheim I spoke with Klaus Ade about the 
status and future of the documentation.

The newdriftbook is very outdated, it's based on skolelinux sarge 2.0pr5. 
(Knuty translated it to norwegian, removed the chapter about thinclients (as 
they were changed after 2.0pr5) and released that as 2.0. Other translations 
do not exist afaik.)

So Klaus Ade suggested to throw the newdriftbook and restart from scratch 
(using copy'n'paste for some of the content, but not even for most.)

So we came up with the plan, to use a wiki to create+maintain the 
documentation in english, then use moinmoins docbook output to get the 
docbook xml from it, then use xml2po to create .po files, then use kbabel to 
translate them and then build the the documentation as pdf, html and txt in 
all translated languages.

(Which we can then put in the debian-edu-doc package and publish on the WWW.)

I'm currently working on finishing the proof of concept for this. 
http://wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/Documentation is the mock up page I'm 
using for it.
We also discussed to include the architecture document in the wiki, so that 
the complete documentation is in one place.

And we need a name for it. As you need to understand norwegian to 
understand "driftbook" I consider driftbook a bad name ;) I would suggest to 
simply call it "Debian-Edu Documentation".

Does this sound like a good plan to you? I'm looking forward to hear your 


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