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[Bug 1060] ltsp-make-client breaks dhcpd.conf


------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2007-06-02 23:47 -------
What exactly is the error that is created in dhcpd-stateless-debian-edu.conf?
I had a look at the code, to see if I could spot the bash/dash related
problem, and only came up with this change that might be relevant.  Is it
fixing the problem?  Without knowing what the error is, it is hard for me to
know if it is fixed with this patch.

Index: sbin/ltsp-make-client
--- sbin/ltsp-make-client       (revision 34120)
+++ sbin/ltsp-make-client       (working copy)
@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@

              grep -ne "^ *option" | tail -1 | cut -f1 -d:)
-PXEFILE="$(tail +$THIN_NET $DHCP_OLD | grep -e "^ *filename.*pxe" | head -1)"
+PXEFILE="$(tail +$THIN_NET $DHCP_OLD | grep -e '^ *filename.*pxe' | head -1)"

 head -$THIN_NET $DHCP_OLD | tail +$INTERNAL_NET | \
   grep -qe "^ *filename" || DHCP_ADD="$DHCP_ADD$PXEFILE\n"

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