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TV reports about Skolelinux?

Dear list,

recently, Holger posted a link for a TV report on FUSS (something linke 
Linex in Italy). You should also know the great report about LinEx 
(Euronews). This makes me wonder:

Aren't there any TV reports on Skolelinux on Norsk TV? Hardly any distro 
has such a dense distribution in one country as Skolelinux has. If 
there are any nice reports, I could help on subtitling and translation.

Am Donnerstag 24 Mai 2007 20:15 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> The report is particularily interesting where showing how decision
> makers could get convinced. Is there any blank copy of the movie to
> add further subtitles?

Meanwhile I got the subtitle file and translated it to German. 


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