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Re: mEDUXa's usability ideas and customizations for kid's desktop

El sáb, 26-05-2007 a las 14:07 +0000, Ejercicios Resueltos (Grupo CPD)
> Hi all,
> we have included in HeXpérides' wiki
> http://www.hexperides.org/hexperides/index.php/Perfil_primaria
> some of the ideas behind the customization on mEDUXa's desktop for kids and 
> the paths of the config files (kiosk mode files).We are working on including 
> in Launchpad the code.
> It is in spanish but I'll try to translate it before aKademy 2007

It's a very interesting document, with some good ideas to study. A pity
that many of them are very KDE dependant.

Anyway, there are a couple of ideas I disagree: You say you have removed
the mouse wheel use, and have kept the double click (increasing time
between clicks). I think both ideas are a mistake: the wheel is really
easy to use for very young kids (speaking from 3 years old and on). And
double-click is a hell for many of them (even changing the required time
between clicks), and for teachers too, specially if they are people who
don't use to use computers. I think that for primary schools
double-click should always be totally removed. The web is a good example
of how you don't need it and most people get used to it very easily and

José L.

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