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Report multiarch DVD tests

Hallo altogether,

after I've resetup my local cd build environment (this time documenting
the steps needed to do so on:
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/LocalCDBuild) I've played a bit
with it to build multiarch DVDs.

Only some simple changes where required, manly because of the ARCHES
variable/macro does contain a list of the arches for multiarch images.

In the main Makefile the "cdspacelist-$(suite).txt" target needed to be
changed to check for the existents of all list2cds files (one for every
arch). Secondly it needs to iterate over them all and do something
reasonable with it (I've separated them with arch-headers in the same

Then the "copy" target (still in the main Makefile) needs to construct
the image filename out of the ARCHES list by simply concatenate them
with "-" was separator to one string.

For my tests I've created an new suite called "etch-test-multi-dvd"
which required modifications to the "suites" macro of the main makefile
and the wanted-list, list-debs.sh and needs-build scripts. The
"CONF-etch-test-multi-dvd.sh" is based on the "CONF-etch-test-dvd.sh"
file. There the ARCHES variable defines a whitespace separated list of
the architectures (amd64 and i386). Beside the obvious modifications on
the suite name there also where two points which handled the ARCHES list
incorrectly. Namely its where the "UDEB_INCLUDE" and "UDEB_EXCLUDE" are
constructed. The whitespace in the ARCHES variable are not escaped and
therefor create two filenames. To get two new files (and not use either
amd64 or i386) I've replaced the whitespaces with "-" chars.

Finally I've had to modify make-patch to also include newly created file
(the udeb includ and exclude lists) in the debian-cd.patch.

I've test installed the resulting DVD image on amd64 and i386 and had
not faced any problems beside and failure of ltsp-client-build on amd64
because kernel-image-amd64 was not included on the DVD.

A patch, the logs and package lists and the resulting iso file (which
still has the problem that the "Packages.gz" md5sums don't match the on
in the Release file) can be found here (please be gentle when loading
the iso the server has not the best internet connection):



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