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Linuxtag 2007 Berlin

dear Skoletuxe

skolelinux will be present in Berlin from 29.5. to 2.6.
Because of a Sponsor we will have 10 new machines and demonstrate
in a classroom, what skolelinux has to offer.

we will have one german class of 18 pupils (12 years old) 
to test our applications ;-)

all of you who like to help or visit us in Berlin 
please put your name in the german wiki


so we are able to sponsor you free entry

we have build up a freedom toaster so we are able to offer more
than 50 different LiveCds ;-)

we offer Seminarix, OLPC Live Cd, Snofrix, latest Knoppix, JUX 2.0 ...

a uncomplete List you find here:


and a uncomplete list with URLs to download


hope to meet you in Berlin!

our new Flyer is ready in german, we will have 2500 in Berlin 


perhaps someone could translate it from german to english ..

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Saludos/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
GnuPG Key ID 0xE263FCD4

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