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[Bug 1161] errors in csv-import-file and changed content in fields


------- Additional Comments From olaf.schwulst@t-online.de  2007-05-16 19:07 -------
> But a additional group like class07 works if I add the group first. Also Groups
> that i add with the lwat gui.
> attached a user file for testing.

is working ;-)

> is the csv file maybe encoded in latin1? (and lwat uses utf8)
i don`t know. the file is an export file from our school ms-network (excel)
i will test it again...
> do names with umlauts work if you enter them with the browser?
after starting http://tjener.intern the gui has no ä, ö etc... (this was in
earlier version). but if i use the link for lwat http://tjener.intern/lwat and
import the list, then are the users have special characters (the teachers with
ä, ö, etc. ...)
these users cannot login, all other in import list can login
is there a difference between (teacher; hans) and (teacher;hans) in csv-file?
this file http://bugs.skolelinux.no/attachment.cgi?id=347&action=view has an
other structure how mine ...

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