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[Bug 1140] software missing, but icons present


------- Additional Comments From holger@layer-acht.org  2007-05-12 10:39 -------
Yup, thats not major. major is "major loss of function", see for reference 

Having non working icons on the desktop is ugly as hell, but the icons itself 
dont break anyhing. We could argue if its normal, trivial or minor. I left it 
at the highest of the three, as I completly agree it's really ugly :)

But we should not inflate problems, because that will harm our ability to see 
the real ones. A trivial problem like this can easily be mentioned in the 
release notes and fixed by our users. It's not nice, but it's trivial. (Maybe 
this should have been "trivial" not "normal"...)

A major problem is something which cannot be fixed by adding a note to the 
release notes for example.

To get back on topic of the bug: in the light of #144251 (upstream kde bug) I'm 
in favor of of whites commited workaround for now to have this fixed (from a 
user perspective) for etch.

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