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[Bug 1139] wrong path to pxelinux.0 in /etc/dhcpd.conf


------- Additional Comments From ronny@skolelinux.org  2007-05-08 23:41 -------
my point is. 
var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0 is from the ltsp install. it's copied from
the syslinux installation inside the ltsp chroot. debian-edu dont have syslinux
installed outside ltsp at all. 

it's probably done that way so that the ltsp chroot's automatic scripts dont
overwrite your other configs you might have in /var/lib/tftproot.
and to support multiple arches. 

so if there is something wrong with it's location it should be placed as a
wishlist bug against ltsp, not against debian-edu. 

that said. 
debian-edu can ofcourse install syslinux on the debian-edu machines and copy a
pxelinux.0 into whatever place is requiered. but since there is no pxe booting
service installed as default beside ltsp it's not been a request yet. 


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