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Re: [Bug 1064] confirm: samba configuration needs to be corrected for domain logons

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------- Additional Comments From juergen@leibner-net.de  2007-05-04 22:17 -------
Yes, I think it is still there.
Even more we have to care now about WinXP and Vista clients.
Fortunatly samba has become better and better in the meantime.
But the main cause, I opened this bug a long time ago was, that no correct
profile handling according to the needs of the administrators at school was done
on installation. So I can only repeat: Go into it and read this to get a sense
of what I want to be configured on install:

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Actually i use mandatory profiles. These are profiles are read only profiles stored on the SMB server.

You can create it by making a read only share and renaming the ntuser.dat file to ntuser.man
Next you can set the profilepath for your users in the ldap.
I also add %a in the profilepath. This stands for architecture. this way i can have a user use both NT4 2000 and XP

if more info is needed i'll write something on the wiki.


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