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Re: Re: Use Gnome instead of kde


I have installed Gnome successfully on my Skolelinux v 2 LTSP-machine.
However, I cannot replicate any changes I make to the themes,
backgrounds and so on to the users that log on to the thin clients. I
want to change the systemwide look of Gnome so each new user gets the
same default look, but not the look of the default Gnome installation.

I have made a test-user on the LTSP-server, made all the changes I
want,  and copied the test-users .gconf, .gnome and .gnome2
directories to both /etc/skel and /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/skel on the

Then I have created another test user and tried to log in on a thin
client, but it doesn't work. The file permissions and ownership in
/etc/skel seems to be correct (I've changed them to root:root). The
new test-user still gets the original Gnome default look and none of
my changes.

Any ideas?

Best regards

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