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kiosk mode ready

Hi mates

The first version of the kiosk mode is ready and kind of usable :)
Today I uploaded the latest debian-edu-config package to debian-edu/etch-test 
local and it includes the first version of the "debian_edu_pupils" kiosk 
This kiosk mode shall provide a nice look and feel desktop for students.
It currently displays some of our nice educational applications as desktop 
icons, offers a small preconfigured k-panel and brings some kde desktop 
restrictions (such as not running additional commands or no possibility to 
become root from within the desktop, ...).
I would love to see that other people, who are skilled in look and feel and 
who know the needs of teachers better than me,  continue the work on the 
kiosk mode. Maybe later on we can even add a kiosk mode for kids with a 
different look and feel.

Here are some small instructions on how to work on the kiosk mode. If you have 
any questions feel free to ping me on IRC or reply to this mail, I am glad to 
help in case I have enough time.

The files for the kiosk profile are under

These are the normal files kde can work with and they are normally available 
under /usr/share/... (for instance /usr/share/applications/ ) or for the menu 
under /etc/xdg/menus/*.

You can follow the same way as I did it, install the kiosk mode, load it with 
a test user and then change some settings for the test user. Then grep the 
changes from ~/.kde/share/* and put them into the appropriate place in the 
kiosk mode. After testing that it works you can commit them to svn into the 
debian-edu-config package and describe your changes in the changelog. 
Afterwards you can ping me for an upload if you need that.

I really hope that this short explanation is understandable, otherwise please 
do not hesitate to ask.


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