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Re: evelopers meeting from the 8th to the 12th of january in Soissons (France)

Theodore Karkoulis a écrit :
On Thursday 07 December 2006 19:02, Marie-Laure DAINESI wrote:
Hi every body,

I'm Marie-Laure from Cetril and I organise the next developers meeting
in Soissons that will take place from the 8th to the 12th of january in

Cetril (a non-profit organisation) will organise and pay for food,
housing and travel.

Today, we only have 8 personns who have booked a place for the stay so
would you want to conserv this dates or do you prefer to modificate them
and to come later ?




I would be willing to attent as well, even though i have been away for military service too, same as Konstantinos Margaritis. Im gonna be flying from and to Athens, Greece. Things are not organized here though, so i will let you know if that is 100% certain as soon as possible.

Theodore Karkoulis

Ok, so I wait for your confirmation.


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