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Re: Why gcompris was removed from debian-edu/test2 (Was: Why no Gcompris? in est2)

Am Sonntag 03 Dezember 2006 17:46 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:

> If you have suggestions for packages to drop from the CD, please let
> us know.  We can then reduce those packages priority.  I've run out
> of ideas on what packages to take away now.


I just started investing on what exactly makes gcomris that huge. First 
of all, I recommend to drop any sound packages like:


and so on.

What is remaining:

du -sh /usr/share/gcompris/
32M     /usr/share/gcompris/

can still be reduced by targeting background sounds:

du -s /usr/share/gcompris/boards/* |sort -n
2704    /usr/share/gcompris/boards/babyshapes
3128    /usr/share/gcompris/boards/paintings
4012    /usr/share/gcompris/boards/gcompris
6912    /usr/share/gcompris/boards/music

As opposed to outer files, music is already compressed (ogg) and will 
not shrink any further on packaging.

Kind regards

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