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Preventing Users from Logging onto Several Thin Clients Simultaneously

Dear list,

as described by


we use a script /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10skolelinux-one-login-per-host to 
assert that any account is used uniquely. I would be glad, if anybody
could point me to the CVS section to commit these changes by myself, 
for now I like to remark:

1. mkdir /etc/skolelinux
 needs possibly to preceed 
 touch /etc/skolelinux/limit-logins

2. misspelled button label "greit":
-xmessage -buttons greit:0 -timeout 30 -center \
+xmessage -buttons sorry:0 -timeout 30 -center \

3. kdialog instead of xmessage
As we use KDE anyway, kdialog gives us much nicer
"look and feel". BUT: I didn't find a timeout option

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