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Re: Cipux into debian


On Saturday 11 November 2006 11:04, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> The two missing perl libraries in debian for cipux are in the NEW queue:
> - libauthen-simple-perl
> - libauthen-simple-pam-perl


You could also upload those two libs to debian-edu (well you need a 
sponsor...but I could do it - but then I wont do NEW (in -edu) for it), in 
case the cipux package is ready as well. This would allow us to faster test 

> So we will be able to upload soon cipux into debian.
> Christian, what's the state of cipux, do you need help ?

But uploading the perl libs to debian-edu only makes sense, if the cipux 
package is ready to be uploaded as well, otherwise uploading the perl libs to 
debian-edu is (mostly) a waste of time. 

So I'm curious about the state of the cipux package now.


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