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Several Problems with etch-test


I've tested etch-test today several times and there are several

1.) initramfs-tools need a dir to exist (/etc/mkinitramfs) and you have
to create it manually to make the installer work. 

2.) finish-install doesn't run properly, because the postinst script of
finish-install need the options -k and -t for sort, but our busybox
version in our initrd supports only the -n option. 

3.) the newest etch-test image fails to install, because the installer
found no suitable kernel-modules for the kernel he wants to install
(linux-image-2.6.15-1). This is quite strange, because there is a newer
on on the cd (linux-image-2.6.16-2). 
If I manually remove the 2.5.15 image from the cd (and remaster it) the
installer try to install the correct kernel version. 


solution for....

	2.) I've created an new inird image, this image works partly:
		- the installer doesn't recognise all languages for
		installation: only c and english is supported. 
		- the dialog frontend of debconf looks horrible
		- BUT the installer finished properly (because of the 
		newer busybox version)
	3.) create a blacklist file in svn and exclude all debs which 
	are listed there. (Then we could exclude for the time both 
	kernel version are in etch the kernel-version we doesn't want, 
	etc. pp.)

Thanks to Steffen that I mustn't wait so much time until the next image
is ready! ;-)


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