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Re: List of useful linux applications, are they in debian-edu?

Am Mittwoch 05 Juli 2006 09:17 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> Are all of them in Debian-edu?  If not,
> should we work on getting them included?

Hi Petter,

some are in Debian, some are not. He seems be using ubuntu:

> Mozilla Firefox + Adblock Plus + Adblock Filterset.G.Updater +
> All-In-One Sidebar + Book Burro + CustomizeGoogle + del.icio.us +
> FireBug + ForecastFox + Gmail Notifier + Greasemonkey + keyconfig +
> Menu Editor + NextPlease + NoScript + PDF Download + Tab Mix Plus +
> Web Developer. Damn it, why is Firefox taking 600 MB?    

Those Addons are defn'y not there.

> GAIM + Guifications + Extended Preferences + Global Hotkeys +
> Encryption. Not that I have anything to hide. apt-get install gaim 
gaim-guifications gaim-extendedprefs gaim-hotkeys gaim-encryption 

GAIM is in debian.

> digiKam + Kipi plugins. It’s just like iPhoto except it calls
> albums “tags”, exports to Flickr for free, exports to HTML that
> validates, stores my important metadata in a SQLite database, can be 
> operated entirely with a keyboard, and doesn’t suck. apt-get install 
> digikam digikamimageplugins kipi-plugins   


>amaroK. It’s just like iTunes except it automatically fetches lyrics
>from Argentina, automatically looks up bands on Wikipedia, 
>automatically identifies songs with MusicBrainz, and its developers are 
>actively working on features that don’t involve pushing DRM-infected 
>crap down my throat. Add the amarok repository to get the latest 
>version. apt-get install amarok     


> Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s just like Evolution, except it’s
> intelligently designed. apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird 


> Kino. It’s just like iMovie except… no, it’s nothing like iMovie.
> Damn. I miss iMovie. apt-get install kino kinoplus 
> Democracy Player. I tried and failed this weekend to explain to my
> wife why I love the show with zefrank. Ubuntu repositories are out of
> date; install the latest version from Democracy’s Ubuntu download
> page.   

It's in recent Debian branches - thanks for the hint ;)

> KTorrent. It’s like Azureus without the Java. apt-get install ktorrent

Maybe it's critical for schools to have Filesharing clients...

> Konversation. It’s like a standalone version of Chatzilla but doesn’t
> periodically tell me that its internal data structures are corrupted
> and point me to a Bugzilla entry where no one seems to be able to fix
> the problem. (An anonymous Chatzilla developer assures me that this
> bug has since been fixed. Time to update my copy on my work laptop. I
> still prefer Konversation under Linux though.) apt-get install
> konversation      

It's in recent Debian branches - thanks for the hint ;)
ksirc or xchat are there, too. 

> k9copy. It’s MacTheRipper and DVD2OneX all wrapped into one. Really. 
apt-get install k9copy

not available.

> GNOME Deskbar. It’s like Quicksilver, only without the plugins. And
> the bezels. And the Growl support. Damn. I miss Quicksilver. And 
> Growl. apt-get install deskbar-applet  

We use KDE.

> KMyMoney. It’s like Quicken without the monopolistic dickwads. apt-get
> install kmymoney2 

It's in recent Debian branches - thanks for the hint ;) I wonder why he 
doesn't use gnucash as gnome user.

> OpenSSH. It’s like nothing else. Duh. apt-get install openssh-client 

> Subversion (over SSH). It’s like CVS without the I LOVE YOU / I HATE 
YOU. Also, svn move. My entire home directory is in a private 
Subversion repository, including configuration files. apt-get install 

> MPlayer (and MEncoder). Compiled from source, yo (only because the 
version in the repositories is out of date). It’s the only thing I’ve 
felt the need to recompile, or indeed compile in the first place.

> rsync, for backups (over Gigabit ethernet, w00t!) You do have backups, 
right? rsync -avz, baby. Yes, I know about Unison. Shut the fuck up 
about Unison! I tried it! I don’t like it! It’s okay that you do! It’s 
a big world! We can both co-exist!

There is an update and >200 comments, so please, all check the URL.

Don't forget updating Skolelinux Signpost and corresponding Wiki pages.


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