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Setup of wiki.skolelinux.no

The plan is to deploy the ITIL documentation[1] for Skolelinux
maintenance on a wiki. The documentation is problem management and
configuration management for Skolelinux and a more general description
of service delivery and service support.

1. http://d.skolelinux.no/itil.html

The whole thing is tailored for centrally operated installation at
many schools. The first version of this is 250 pages. It's in
Norwegian. Already 5 municipalities an city councils has
contributed. Employes or people who are contracted by InOut and
Skolelinux Drift has given great contributions. 

The plan has all along been to put the documentation in a wiki for
further maintenance an additional material. It was originally written
in OpenOffice.org to keep the structure of the document. Now this 
gonna be transformed to the MoinMoin Wiki with cut and paste after 
I've run the Writer2MoinMoin[2] macro on the documents. 

2. http://www.ooowiki.de/Writer2MoinMoin

Have to set up the correct DNS so that wiki.skolelinux.no points to
the right server where MoinMoin is deployed.

- Knut Yrvin will ask Morten Werner or/and Linpro to help out with

- Knut also have to get them to set the right parameters[3] at this web
  admin-console. We got access to that from this address (Knut has the
  username and password, and can give access to others): 

  3. https://brassens.heberge.info/admin/login.php

Support for cgi-bin has to be installed. This will happens Monday July

- Thierry Stauder has to ask the maintainer on the server in France to
  install the right libraries 

- Alexander Schremmer will help out on Monday to fix moin moin, to get it up

We have great plans for connects the wiki from the French and German
projects more together. So to get up a Norwegian counterpart with
technical maintenance done by the French part for Skolelinux, will
probably be popular for the overworked people in Norway that have a
long todo-list on maintaining the other Skolelinux servers.

Best regards 

Knut Yrvin

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