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today  i received an e-mail from a school in ireland.
they use my etherboot network cards for 70 ThinClients.

For me it is no problem if someone switches
from one free software to another free software
as long as they stay with free software.

but maybe we can learn a bit from the newcomer edubuntu.

Greetings from Slovenia,

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> > do you build Linux Terminals (LTSP)?
> > Classroom/ Library / Internt Cafe?

Yes.  Except it is a set of desktops dotted around a school across about 70

> > all in your school or also for other schools?

At the moment just us in Ireland although I have heard of others looking at

> > which Linux Distribution do you use?

We have just moved from Debian-Edu to Edubuntu.  The main purpose of what
we are trying to achieve is a nice user-freiendly desktop for teachers and
students.  Edubuntu is simpler to understand and administer (for teachers)
and has a nicer, cleaner desktop.  I was sad to stop using debian-edu but
the poorer usability was really going to hold us back.  We are hoping to
shortly start using USB devices from thin clients which is a really killer

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