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[Bug 1004] networked (not only kde) configs, remaining steps


------- Additional Comments From c.gatzemeier@tu-bs.de  2006-06-04 14:20 -------
I see, maybee I understand what you two meant better now.  
It is only the way it is currently implemented? Because /usr/share/debian-edu 
might currently be part of debian-edu-config package and it gets installed with 
it regardless of the choosen profile? (Which might need to be changed) 
Why would you say sharing network wide configs in the /usr/share/debian-edu 
directory on the mainserver wouldn't make sense? 
It would make great sense to me to be able to share config profiles not only 
for thinclients connected to a common thinclient-server (which is the trivial 
default), but for all machines in the skolelinux network, all TC-Servers, 
Diskless-Servers, and workstations. 

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