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Dearest one,
FIRST  i will like to introduce myseif to you. i am the only daugther of my father and mother.with my brother jeff how ever am sera leona by nationailty.
during the courst of the war in my poor country,i lost my daddy and mummy including our personal thing.but thanks be to God almight for seving my life.and for bring the ECOMOG.THE AFRICAN PEACE KEEPING FORCE,
i succed to cote d ivoir,as a refugee.perhaps after praying and fasting for a very period of time.i come are cross your profile .i was touch by the spirit of God to contact you and to be candid with you;i put it to you that you are really the  kind of MAN i ve been looking for .a very good relationship that will lead us to marrige.lastly; feel free to write me back.if you are willing to assist me or backing up the marrige. than you can come down over hear,you will come down in other for us to porceed;pls,bear inmind my picture will be send to you when request.
i remain yours.

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