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[Bug 1085] no language selection asked during cd installation of etch


------- Additional Comments From ronny@datapart-as.no  2006-05-20 19:56 -------
even with the non maintainer upload of localechooser.udeb the installer dont ask
for language during installation. 

reason is that the file /usr/bin/localechooser contains input priority high.
This file is present in the initrd image on the cd, and not extracted from the
udeb in the cd pool.

if we extract the nonmaintainter version of localechooser from the cd manually 
with udpkg. The file /usr/bin/localechooser is replaced with the correct version
with critical priority input. 

looks to me like the wrong version of localechooser was used when the cdrom's
initrd image was created.

with regards
Ronny Aasen

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