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Re: Network guard script


The script has no license at the moment. I can give it a license. You prefer GPL (v2?) i see, it's fine by me.

The reason why i pinged Google is to check if the server wasn't interfering with the internet. But that was for temporary reasons with testing with OpenVPN. The best you could use the DSL router or something similar. Because, it wouldn't complain about your constant ping and maybe Google will. ;-)

On our server i've putted the script in a cronjob by periods of 2 minutes now (had 1 minute). Also I've changed the ping count from 1 to 3, because 1 can go wrong even when the network is working fine.

The script isn't that hard to understand, so you could easily change it.


Michiel Eghuizen (Eduwijs B.V.)

Op http://helpdesk.eduwijs.nl vind u onze online helpdesk.

RalfGesellensetter schreef:
Am Dienstag 16 Mai 2006 11:18 schrieb Eduwijs beheer (Michiel):
The script needs to be run in a cron job. I've added this script to
our server in a cronjob which runs each minute.
Hi Michiel,

thanks for your script which is really nice (state its licence, GPL I 
hope, please).

Today I was called while still sleeping from school, because after our 
server had restarted over night (power loss), LTSP couldn't connect to 
tjener any more (because it started to fast). Such a script here could 
have meant more sleep to me ;)

On the other hand there are further possible reasons for unavailble 
- The end of Google Inc
- Inundadion in NL
- DSL router error.

Whilst the first two poin't won't happen very likely, the latter is 
quite common. In such cases the script should possibly stop with an 
error like: "restarting network doesn't help, stop working".

Also the service could respawn itself after variable periods of times 
(alternative to cronjob).

Instead of google.nl debian.org could be used (would we like it?) or 
maybe rather the IP of the DSL router ( 


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